Interview with Arthur Klink, Senior Advisor for street lighting at the City of Utrecht

Convercities is about spreading information and connecting people involved in city management. Arthur Klink, senior advisor for Electric City Installations at the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands, has given us an interview so you can know more about his work.

Arthur Klink, Senior Advisor at the City of Utrecht, Netherlands

Convercities: Hi Arthur, can you tell us a bit more about Electric City Installations and more precisely about your work?
​Arthur Klink: Electric City Installations covers Street Lighting, Power systems for events, illumination. A project I've been involved in is the Trajectum Lumen Light art and espacially the Domtoren (tallest church tower in the Netherlands). You can check it out here.

My job is to look at all the light plans and give advice and comment. Our team also run projects from engingeering design to implementation. I personnally advise the engineers and project leaders as well as the whole organization. I introduce new technologies and concepts such as smart lighting.

Convercities: Is there a particular project that is important to you?

Credit: Puneet Sodah

Arthur Klink: Trajectum Lumen is a light art route in the old city of Utrecht and one of our nice projects. But also the development of our streetlight power cabinet.

We can switch on and off the streetlighting based on the amount of light measured by a photocell. This photocell can wirelessly trigger a signal to turn on ca. 300 cabinets over the city. The cabinets report automatic defects and the city saves much energy. Right now we're looking close at LED powered lighting and at potential future proof communication at pole level.

It's good to see that Utrecht promotes relationship between disciplines with its Healthy Urban Living event in which we participate as lighting expert.

Convercities: You chose to join Convercities. Why do you think it's important that city managers talk to each other and exchange information?

Arthur Klink: It’s impossible to know everything and follow all the technological development at your own. So exchange of knowledge and experience is crucial. Also standardization is an important issue. I'm chairman of a national street-lighting platform, OVLNL. It's a foundation responsible for centralizing knowledge about street lighting in the Netherlands. It gathers municipalities, manufacturers and suppliers/contractors.

Convercities: Amazing projects Arthur, thanks again Arthur for participating in this interview and sharing your experience with your colleagues from other cities on the Convercities chat platform!

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