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Interview with Dewan Karim, Senior Transportation Planner and project manager at the City of Toronto

Convercities is about spreading information and connecting people involved in city management. Dewan Karim, Senior Transportation Planner and project manager at the City of Toronto in Canada, has given us an interview so you can know more about his work.

Convercities: Hi Dewan, can you tell us more on what your job consists in?

Dewan Karim: I am a Senior Transportation Planner and project manager for several large transportation planning projects. Currently, I am managing several transportation master plans or large and complex development projects to assess the future transportation needs for short and long-term horizons.

Convercities: What are the most important experiences you’d like to share?

Dewan Karim: I spent more than eighteen years of his career in pioneering urban innovation, developing numerous smart mobility and data innovations into mobility planning and creative design engineering projects in both Japan and Canada. I recently developed a new innovative mobility ecosystem and multimodal hub concept combining innovative technologies, real-time travel pattern, data visualization, equitable use of public space, vision zero safety principles, and evidence-based scientific approach to rebuild and redesign city’s mobility systems for people instead of cars. A few cornerstones of my career include converting “motor city” to "Bicycle-friendly Oshawa“, pioneering the concept of multi-modal transportation plans and policies, multimodal station planning and redesign strategies, research experience on safe and compact street design, safe neighborhood street layout, and decongestion plan to remove elevated freeway by replacing with high-quality transit and active transportation facilities to improve quality-of-life for urban residents.

Convercities: You chose to join Convercities. Why do you think it's important that city managers talk to each other and exchange information?

Dewan Karim: Besides my professional work, I try to share project experiences, particularly new approach or implementation of innovative ideas, through public presentations, professional publications. I also teach various emerging topic in smart mobility such as application of big data in mobility planning, public space redesign, sustainable transportation, advanced Light Rail Transit planning and operations course. Spreading the experience about challenges and success of implementing new ideas will likely inspire other cities to avoid mistakes or leaf-flogging some steps already solved by other cities.

Convercities: Thanks again Dewan for participating in this interview and sharing your experience.

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